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Hopped up on weed... beer?

Hops is one of the main ingredients in beer, and it's also a cousin of cannabis.

When Coloradoans voted for legalization of recreational marijuana this month, brewers throughout the country speculated that Colorado breweries would start producing "pot beer." The idea has been discarded by Zach Weakland of High Hops Brewing, but homebrewers have been mixing the substance into their mash for some time now.

From what I hear, the concoction doesn't work well. I can't imagine the taste of a beer fermented with marijuana buds instead of hops, and I don't think I'll come across one in South Florida.

But this month, Brown Distributing introduced a weedy ale to this market.

The Hemp Ale by Nectar Ales is brewed with hemp seeds, which Nectar says adds an "herb-accented flavor" to the beer. It's a brown ale with chocolate malts, and doesn't induce a buzz different from that of other beers.

Until now, the brand's Website says the beer is only available in California due to legal restrictions. But it's here. Buy it at Riverside Market.

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