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'Restaurant Impossible' wants South Florida subjects

Staff writer

If you own or work at a struggling South Florida restaurant, the producers of Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible” want to hear from you. On every episode of the show, chef Robert Irvine remakes a failing restaurant, taking aim at everything from decor to menu and training.

“It needs to be a restaurant that is quite literally struggling, a restaurant that’s nearly on the way out, that’s been losing a lot of money over the last few months or year,” casting producer Mathew Klickstein says.

Many of the owners of restaurants featured on the show have not been paying themselves and are thinking about shutting their doors. Since the show is coming to South Florida, Klickstein says the full-service restaurant should be on the beach or within a mile of the beach. They’d like to title the show “Paradise Impossible.”

“We really want a restaurant where you get that paradise sense: palm trees, white sands,” explains Klickstein, who says it would also be helpful if staff included some interesting characters.

Shooting will take place over two days in mid April.

Klickstein says that unlike similar restaurant-makeover shows, “Restaurant Impossible” has been putting restaurants back on track for eight years.

“Aside from the national and regional publicity that being on the show can elicit, Robert Irvine and his team really know what they’re doing. Our success rate is extremely high,” Klickstein argues. “A vast majority of our restaurants are still in business years later.”

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