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Donald and Claire Greene of Boca Raton read our review ("Steaks worthy of the red carpet," Aug. 17) of Red, the Steakhouse (1901 N. Military Trail, Boca Raton, 561-353-9139, and went for a visit.

"We also enjoyed the bread dipping sauce, but we got charcoal-burned bread. We asked for better bread and were told it was all burned but [the server] gave us the best he could find. [We] told our waiter it was unacceptable, and new bread was baked 15 minutes later. My $49 bone-in filet, ordered rare, came somewhere between medium-rare and medium. Since we had been there awhile and the waiter said, 'Do you want it sent back?' we just continued eating it.

"A suited man came by to ask us how our meal was, and we told him about the bread and the steak, and he said, 'Thank you' and ran off. We wanted the tomato mozzarella priced at $10. Waiter suggested the special burrata that we found out was $21 when we got the bill. Outrageous! On the way out, the maitre d' told of our displeasure, and he said 'I'll tell the chef. See you next time.' "

"I said: "Not very likely." We asked to take home our leftovers. We got my wife's veal chop but not the half order of $12 spinach."

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