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Top 10 signs you might be a restaurateur?

Staff writer, a San Francisco-based company that sells inventory management tools to restaurants, just released a Top 10 list. Here are 10 signs you might be a restaurateur.

It will resonate with restaurant owners and anyone who’s ever thought they might want to open one.

10. You secretly hope local sports teams won’t make the playoffs so customers won’t be watching these games in their homes.

9. You know that half of your staff will be late to work when daylight savings begins, and half will be early to work when it ends.

8. When you tip 18 percent, you mean this as a huge insult for bad service received.

7. You don’t like it when the weather is too hot, or too cold, or too rainy, or snowy, or humid.

6. When you eat out, you can’t help peeking at the Open Table screen to see how they are doing.

5. The last place you would ever want to dine out is in your own restaurant.

4. You can communicate in Spanish while at work, but can’t manage to talk your way into a hotel in Mexico.

3. You work with food 12 hours a day, but you are always hungry.

2. When you waited tables you thought you were underpaid. Now, you can’t believe how much waiters make for the hours they work.

1. You are still considering opening another location.

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