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South Florida's weirdest burgers have doughnut buns, boar meat and peanut butter

South Florida restaurants are sure packing some strange burgers.

May is National Burger Month, and May 28 is National Burger Day, so we feasted on the most off-the-wall hamburgers we could find.

Here’s what we found: Our restaurants boast patties made from Louisiana gator, pulled pork and wild boar. “Hamburger buns” are made from arepas, quesadillas and doughnuts. The toppings? Try peanut butter and jelly, smoky bacon jam and fig chutney. One restaurant’s Motherburger, a 10-pound behemoth the size of a sofa cushion, is so daunting that no customer has ever finished it.

Here are 10 over-the-top burgers in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties.

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