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Bartender's best at the Village Pub


Who: Greg Phelps

Where: Village Pub, 2283 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, 754-200-5244,

What it is: A lightly sweet martini with a subtle orange flavor and barely a trace of alcohol in the taste.

What he says: “The whipped-cream vodka is the main ingredient,” Phelps says, “which is what gives it that nostalgic feel, like an old-style orange-cream Popsicle.”

In the biz: Phelps became part-owner of the Village Pub after more than 20 years as a bartender. After a long shift, he says he’d rather drink a beer than a complex martini.

“I’m a beer guy,” he says. “Give me a Corona over this any day.”

The owner-bartender may not like to make himself the drinks he crafts for work during his 50-plus-hour workweek, but the creamsicle martini’s smooth feel and balanced flavors shouldn’t be missed. Phelps won’t be shy to make you one. Just don’t ask him to try it with you.

— Maria Murriel, @mariamurriel

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