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The Eat Beat

The Eat Beat Dining around South Florida
with Mike Mayo
Does Yelp help in finding great meals?

Crowd-sourced reviews and algorithms can be baffling.

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Fort Lauderdale in top 10 for dining diversity

National survey has Fort Lauderdale area eighth, topping Miami (18th) and New York (10th).

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Does Lauderdale area need to raise the culinary bar?

New tourist chief wants to elevate Broward dining profile

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Dinner choice: Well-worn comfort or hip and trendy?

When it comes to restaurants, I'll take food over fashionable every time

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With Skinny Joey's arrest, Merlino's restaurant takes a hit

Closed for the summer, Boca Raton restaurant says it will re-open 'for sure' in October.

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Automatic tipping can trip up diners

Feeling fleeced after unclear policy leads to double tip.

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