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Bailee Madison's big Christmas

In her latest movie role, homegrown starlet Bailee Madison got some big help from veteran actors Billy Crystal and Bette Midler.

"Billy taught me about how to be truthful in my role, and to make the lines mean something…and Bette just kept reminding me to breathe."

The 13-year-old plays their granddaughter in "Parental Guidance," which opens on Christmas Day. Marisa Tomei stars as her mom in the family-friendly flick. "She is so lovely and stunning and really funny in the movie… she had us cracking up the whole time," Bailee said.

In the movie, she plays a lovelorn teen who is experiencing her first crush, and her onscreen brothers "drive her crazy." Inreallife, though, her siblings are her biggest confidants.

"I think as a family, we all have our weak spots and moments where we make each mad," Bailee said. "But at the end of the day, we love each other, and I know that they're always there for me."

Bailee, who lives with her family in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea and attends Christ Church in Fort Lauderdale, says she owes much of her success and optimism to her family. "My mom always tells me, 'The moment you're not having fun, tell me and we'll stop.' "

When she's not filming movies and TV shows (look for her in the coming months when she reprises her role as a young Snow White on ABC's "Once Upon a Time") Bailee says her favorite thing to do is sit by the pool lounging with brothers, sisters and baby niece. "They're my biggest allies, and they keep me grounded."

Athome, she acts just like any girl her age, and enjoys going out to eat with her family at restaurants such as Ham 'N Eggs, La Spada's and Wings 'N Things. "We have the bestfoodhere so it's hard for me to pick a favorite."

The teenage beauty, who has a winning smile and a charming personality to boot, says she learned a lot from her former "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" co-star, Katie Holmes – a target of much tabloid fodder.

"One night the [tabloids] said something about Katie vacationing outside the U.S., when in fact she wasn't because we were out bowling together," she recalled. "Honestly, you can't take [gossip] seriously."

The limelight, it seems, isn't something that scares her. "I think the most important thing is to be honest and truthful…,.when you're not open, I think it gives the tabloids more room to create lies about you."

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