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No clothes, no problem

Don't like wearing clothes? Wear something else.

On Friday night, Cowboys Saloon in Davie is throwing an Anything but Clothes party, which in the past has featured patrons in yellow crime-scene tape instead of their usual attire of boots, cutoffs and cowboy hats.

The bar and restaurant, which draws a large line-dancing crowd, will offer $1,000 in cash and prizes. How the money will be divided depends on how many people participate. There are also will be special prizes for the most-original costume, craziest costume and the like.

Cowboys throws the event about twice a year, says Mike Walton, the venue's director of operations, and he says the costumes never fail to surprise him.

"I have no idea what people will wear," he says.

Such parties are common on college campuses, and Cowboys draws a steady stream from nearby Nova Southeastern University. For people who are considering attending the party but aren't sure what to wear, here's a list of wardrobe material from, whose motto is "Save everything: You might need it someday."


Duct tape

Shower curtains


Shopping bags

Garbage bags

Fruit roll-ups

Balloons (that'd take some guts)

Cowboys Saloon is located at 1805 S. University Drive, in Davie. Hours are 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. Call 954-476-0063 or go to

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