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From Cooper City, with love

Although she's a happily married woman, matchmaker Natalie Clarice understands how hard it is to find love in South Florida.

"It's challenging to date [here], because Miami is a party city," she says. "People want to come and hang out, and they're not always seeking something special and meaningful."

Clarice, who owns the matchmaking agency Heart and Soul International, dishes out dating advice to single ladies on the reality show "Find Me My Man," which premiered earlier this month on the Oxygen network.

On the show, Clarice says, "women often give out a false persona and don't know what love stands for." So Clarice and her team of matchmakers teach them that "material things are not more important than love."

She offers the same advice on TV that she dispenses in person at her Cooper City office. "I first meet with my clients, get to know them and then assess their dating challenges and help them identify any issues they're making in the dating arena," she says.

The perspective client is then sent on a date with a faux partner who works for Clarice. After the outing, she coaches the client and prepares her for a "real date" — that is, a pairing with a single guy.

Clarice says one of the biggest mistakes women make is settling for Mr. Wrong. "Women date men that are totally incompatible," she argues. "If you date someone just to fill a void in your life, you're going to eventually regret it."

She says meeting Mr. Right may not be easy, but it's not impossible. "An honorable man cares about your well-being. He's the total opposite of an dishonorable one," Clarice says. "A dishonorable man doesn't care if he hurts you. He's not going to change. He'll hurt you, and a week later, he'll come back and say he's sorry. But he's not."

"Find Me My Man" airs 9 p.m. Tuesdays on Oxygen.

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