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The 'Austrian Scorsese' sets his sights on South Florida

When Austrian video director Rudi Dolezal decided to buy a second home and expand his business in the United States, South Florida was his top choice.

"I came to a point in Europe, having worked for Queen and the Rolling Stones, where my job started to repeat itself," Dolezal says. "It's great that the European and U.K. artists think of me as one of their favorite directors, but there is one thing I haven't done, and that's playing an active role in the U.S. culture scene."

The filmmaker, whose documentaries "Freddie Mercury: The Untold Story" and "Miles Davis and Quincy Jones: Live at Montreux" received Grammy nominations, will release in 2014 an English version of his latest project, the German-language "Scene Miami." He calls this film his "love letter" to Miami Beach.

Even though the documentary was made for tourists, locals can learn a thing or two from it. The director mixed some of his old footage from "Miami Vice" star Don Johnson and Gloria Estefan with new commentary from South Florida notables such as Art Basel co-director Marc Spiegler, artist Romero Britto and "Real Housewives of Miami" star Elaine Lancaster.

Dubbed the Austrian Martin Scorsese, the Miami Beach resident says his next documentary is on Whitney Houston. He also hopes to give other Florida cities the "Scene Miami" treatment.

"I see 'Scene Miami' as a beginning of a series where I'm covering the best parts of South Florida, and also the parts where I'm not living."

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