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Jillian Michaels kicks some...

Only Jillian Michaels would get such a response to such a question.

“Are you guys ready for an ass--kicking?” she asked Saturday to start the Sweat USA fitness convention in Miami Beach.

The 200 or so visitors shouted “Yes!”

As proven once again, the 5-foot-2 star of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” stands tall when it comes to delivering a foot to the behind. She headlined the weekend of fitness training, instruction and marketing, which continues Sunday with Tony Horton of the P90X workout, Shaun T. of Insanity workout and several others.

Before introducing her fans to her latest program, called BodyShred, Michaels offered thoughts on why she sits near the top of the fitness world.

 “I’m not a trainer. I’m a coach,” she said. “I help people find their ‘why,’ and to form an emotional connection to the end result.” Fitter people do better at work, have better family lives and better relationships, she notes, and they’ll train harder if they focus on that end, she says.

She also connects with those trying to get started exercising, because she, too, dreads the gym.

“I can barely stand working out,” she said. “I’m looking at my watch every minute. I am never, ever the person saying, ‘Oh, I just love this.’ “

While she is among the world’s leaders in DVD sales, Michaels is trying to build BodyShred differently, by licensing trainers to teach it at gym chains. But to do that, there needs to be public interest.

So she led people through the routine, which includes four six-minute blocks, each consisting of three minutes of strength training, two minutes of cardio work and a minute of easier exercises. There are about 250 options trainers can tailor for the workout.

Her session Saturday included these words: walkout pushups, pendulum lunges with a hula chop, crab kicks, wipers, bicycle crunches, mountain climbers, reverse plank leg raises, Supermans, burpees, plank jacks and rock-star jumps.

The room, which was about 90 percent women, followed along much better than you’d think, although some of the men, including the headbanded dude — in the lime-green shirt channeling Jim Carrey’s basketball scene in “The Cable Guy” — looked clearly out of place.

Michaels appeared more energetic than mean – she says “The Biggest Loser” producers try to set her up against Bob Harper as the yin and the yang – although often her language wasn’t all family friendly, working in the word “ass” eight times, pairing it with “move it!” “stretch it” and “work it!”

It motivated Alexandra LaRiva, 44, of Miami.

“I love her and I love the show,” said LaRiva, who added that watching “The Biggest Loser” inspired her to make changes in her life that helped shed 50 pounds. “It has changed my life and made me realize that this is the way I want to live.”

Then, picking up on the Michaels’ spirit, she added: “I really need her to help me kick ass.”

LaRiva said she loves Michaels, but said she did have one other point.

“Actually, I love Bob Harper more,” she said. “He’s such a nice guy.”

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