Play SoFla

Play SoFla (Courtesy / August 8, 2014)

Looking to make plans? Hosting out-of-towners? Check out’s new app: Play SoFla.

The app, available for your smartphone at the iTunes and Google Play stores, has all of the hottest happenings – dining, events, music, great deals and more. Bookmark your favorite events, invite friends to concerts, wine tastings, festivals, happy hours – the app puts local events at your fingertips and makes it easy to make plans. It's free in the app store.

Simply text "discover" to 77948.

Or search for "Play SoFla" in the app store. (If you have an iPhone, you can also click this link. And, if you have an Android, click here.)

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If you need another incentive (besides finding about cool events in your area), if you download, you just might win a GoPro.