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WLRN's Trivia Night at Riverside Market

Did you know the first Florida flag had a motto when the state joined the union in 1845? It was: "Let us alone."

This is the type of question you can expect at A Night of South Florida Trivia tonight at the Riverside Market and Café in Fort Lauderdale, organized by WLRN (91.3 FM), the National Public Radio station for South Florida.

"Trivia is actually an interesting way to tell a story," says Elaine Chen, senior producer of news and public affairs. "We try and give you questions that tell something interesting about South Florida."

The trivia night is connected to a WLRN project called "What's the Story?" The station asks listeners to send in questions about South Florida. WLRN will pick three questions and put them to an online vote. A reporter will then work on a story based on the winning question, and the person who sent it can follow the reporter around to witness the process.

These are the current questions up for the vote:

-  What’s the story with the Moorish architecture of Opa Locka city hall?

-  I’ve always wondered why the entire city isn’t covered in solar panels.

-  Why is it called “Historic Overtown”?

"We let people's curiosity in South Florida guide our reporting," Chen says.

The trivia night will also answer some questions sent by listeners that weren't chosen for the vote, as well as more Broward-related trivia. Teams will be formed to compete for WLRN and Riverside Market gifts and swag. Anyone who participates in the game will get a free beer by Anchor Brewing.

The night starts at 6:30 p.m. at 608 SW 12th Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Free. Visit or, @babicorb or 954-356-4710

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