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Dan Sweeney


Dan Sweeney is the author of "Sound Off South Florida," where he covers our readers' view on local news and solicits your comments and opinions on various topics. Previously, Dan covered the state legislature and statewide political issues. He graduated from the University of Missouri in 2000 and has lived in South Florida ever since. He has covered music, travel, and politics for regional and national newspapers, magazines and blogs.

Recent Articles


    Doomed Generation, v. 2.0. Stay classy!

  • Adios Amigos

    Well, it's been a hell of a week. A.G.A.G. gone. D. James Kennedy retired. Larry Craig a bathroom pervert. So, why not call it a day? If you're ridiculously astute, you have noticed that the old Web site is already down -- the address transfers directly to the Sun-Sentinel's entertainment...

  • Barack Obama: Simply the Best

    In my previous entry, I also promised to get into the Castro Death Party if the rumors proved true. Unfortunately, they weren't -- the man that local Cuban punk-rock act Guajiro refers to as having a "beard of pubic hair" is apparently still breathing. But that didn't stop the Cubans from heading...

  • Breaking: Generalissimo Fidel Castro Is Still Dead

    Well, the Herald has acknowledged the rumors, but they're still just that -- rumors. Word from the island, per Stuck on the Palmetto, is that there's been no unusual movement of police or military in Cuba. As for me, I'm already planning to be in Miami tomorrow for the Barack Obama event. If it's...

  • Notes on the Big Dumb

    In the fall, the war was still there, but we did not go to it anymore. -- Ernest Hemingway, "In Another Country" Autumn is nearly upon us now. Down here in South Florida, it's almost impossible to tell from the weather. Each day is a sweaty, messy struggle filled with the whines of blood-sucking...

  • The Fix Is In, and Jesus Saves

    Washington Post blogger Chris Cillizza's latest entry on his blog, The Fix, handicaps the presidential race. Cillizza does these handicapping posts fairly regularly, and he's usually on point. Of course, I have my own long history of political predictions, and I've been right a lot more often than...