Former Oakland Park mayor spies burglar on home monitor
A convicted felon on an Oakland Park crime spree was nabbed after he popped up on the closed-circuit camera monitor of former Mayor Suzanne Boisvenue, who called 911.

Boisvenue was home Tuesday night, watching her monitor while talking to a friend on the phone when the stranger appeared on her screen, going into her carport. When he left without knocking, she knew something was wrong.

Within a half-hour, Broward Sheriff’s deputies had arrested Harry Geter, 54, on armed burglary and an assortment of other charges – including possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

“He had broken into numerous cars between here and where he got arrested,” Boisvenue said. “The police found him in a car with a gun. That was just two blocks from here.”

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BSO deputies said Geter had stolen the gun and ammunition from the last car he had broken into.

The BSO report said Boisvenue had confronted Geter outside her home; he claimed he was “just peeking.” Deputies said he wasn’t deterred, but went on to burglarize two cars.

Boisvenue sent out an e-mail to city officials, praising BSO’s quick work and advocating for vigilance.
“I do not want to be locked in my home while felons are out there breaking more laws roaming around,” she said. “They need to be the one locked in. We all need to be aware of what is happening around us and step up when we need to. Report anything that just does not seem right.”

That’s why Boisvenue has the camera system.

“I watch it all the time. That’s why I bought it,” she said. “When I’m not here, I come home and review it.”