Hillary Clinton in South Florida tonight

A crowd of 6,100 is expected for Hillary Clinton’s speech at the University of Miami.

About 3,200 tickets went to the students, which works out to more than one in five UM students.

Some were lining up at 5 p.m. at the BankUnited Center, where the doors didn’t open until 6:30. Clinton won’t start talking until after 8:30 p.m.

Students were excited.

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“I want to see what she’s about,” said Nora Garcon, 19, of Delray Beach. “I don’t want to vote based on popularity. I want to make an informed decision.”

Brandon Levokove, 18, of Long Beach, N.Y., said he’d “for sure 100 percent” vote for Clinton in 2016.

Even though he wasn’t alive when Bill Clinton was first elected president, Levokove said “the world seemed like a good place to be in the ‘90s.

“I love Bill. If she’s in the office, Bill will have some kind of voice. It would be good to see them both back,” he said.

Solange Sierra, 27, of Miami, said she’d like to hear Clinton address major controversies and news events: Obamacare and the situation in Venezuela.

“I really want to see her run for president,” Sierra said. “I believe she would change everything. She’d be a great leader.”

Kaitlyn Simmons, 21, of St. Mary’s, Ga., said she’s “always been supportive of Hillary Clinton.”

And, she said, there’s another reason she’s attending: “my mom would definitely disown me if I didn’t take this opportunity.”

The university isn’t disclosing anything about Clinton’s fee. “We’re not commenting on that. What we’re saying is that the University of Miami invited her,” said Elizabeth Amore, the executive director of media relations. “It’s another great opportunity for students.”

There’s a huge media presence. About 100 reporters, photographers, videographers and others from the media were credentials. There are 14 video cameras in the BankUnited Center ready to record what she says.

Print media filing center at @univmiami 4 @HillaryClinton. Huge media presence. Is she running 4 something? /AM pic.twitter.com/rzZyJrEm7I

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One of South Florida’s most popular political figures – at least among Democrats – will be in South Florida on Wednesday.