LeBron James' 'Batman' mask

Wearing an intimidating-looking black mask not unlike something out of a Batman movie, James had 31 points, rebounds and four assists in his first game since he was hurt last Thursday during a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. (Robert Duyos / Sun Sentinel / February 27, 2014)

Miami Heat center Chris Bosh posted a photo of himself wearing LeBron James' mask and a towel cape on Instagram Thursday night, alongside the caption, "I'm BATMAN!!!!!!!!"

The NBA prohibited James from wearing a superhero mask in Thursday's 108-82 win over the New York Knicks, but the Miami Heat star did his best to look the part.

Playing for the first time since breaking his nose against the Oklahoma City Thunder last week, James wore a black, carbon-fiber mask that made him look like a comic book villain.

James scored a game-high 31 points, but he also impressed his teammates with his choice of face gear.

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"It was awesome," Bosh said. "He played like Batman. If you want to wear a black mask and look crazy, you should do it."

All that was missing was the cape, which Bosh had no problem showing off.