Image: Maurico Maldonado / South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Image: Maurico Maldonado / South Florida Sun-Sentinel (December 26, 2012)

Floridians have been called every name.

Crazy. Crackers. Loco. Too stupid to vote correctly. Blue hairs. Rednecks. Carpetbaggers. Half-baked. In the sun too long.

They say we live in a Banana Republic.

Call us anything you'd like.

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However, never ever call us sexually unadventurous.

Even our Governor.

Governor Rick Scott gave out the state’s information hot line for a deadly meningitis outbreak last October.

It turned out to be a hot hot hotline: Scott was one digit off, providing the state's citizen's an opportunity to hear the low purr of a woman’s voice offering to talk dirty.

We often go where no man -- or woman -- goes, sexually speaking.

Don't believe this?

Well, just consider FloriDUH 's Sexapalooza 2012 top picks of sex gone south.

Driving Florida's highways are never boring, despite the flat landscape and endless billboards. But, if your traveling with kids in the car, better take along a pair of blinders.

Talk about distracted drivers ...guess sexting and texting while driving are the least of our worries.

Folks in orgies really got into the swing of things in 2012. Too bad we don't have group holding cells just for them.

Floridians insist the best of everything, including sex. Or there could be a price to pay.