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Warm, partly sunny, breezy today; rip current warning persists

Sun Sentinel

South Florida's weather pattern continues to call for warm temperatures and breezy conditions that could bring a passing shower almost any time.

According to the National Weather Service it will be partly sunny Thursday with a high in the low 80s and an overall 20 percent chance of showers. 

The brisk easterly winds will continue - at 15 to 17 mph and gusting to 23 mph.

The high risk of rip currents is continuing through at least Thursday evening.

Heading toward and into the weekend it should be slightly drier with the winds dissipating a little, too.

So, what was with the persistent showers, at least in some areas on Wednesday?

Some insight from retired NWS meteorologist Jim Lushine: Yesterday didn't have the familiar partly cloudy with chance of showers weather.  It rained most of the day in Pembroke Pines and some other areas in Broward County. Why? Blame it on the Bahamas.  When winds are from the east, and the instability is great enough, showers develop downwind from some of the Bahama Islands and drift across south Florida. These events are very difficult to forecast -  but on the positive side we need the rain.

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