But the half we did see? Oh, it had everything: Angelea running like Forest Gump, Laura having whipped cream sprayed in her face in reverse, Lisa screaming into the camera like a banshee.

It also showed a sensitive side of Angelea, who had an emotional breakthrough while shooting her scene with Tyra. The judges love it, especially Tyson. Who doesn't he love? Allison. How dare he!

When times comes for the judges to deliberate, it gets crazy.

The judges bicker for over an hour and a half over who should stay, who should go, finding pros and cons for every model. Finally, producers tell them to knock it off and make a decision already.

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Lisa is called first with Angelea second. It's down to Allison and Laura, whose personalities are polar opposites. Laura and her sweet Southern charm are sent packing. 

The episode's best quotes

And there were so many! Here are a few of my favorites:

Lisa to the guide and cab driver while finding a place for her blog post: "Tell him to take me to the place where he and his girlfriend might make love."

Tyra on Angelea's running style: "Run like a normal person!"

Laura on the shoot's outfits: "'300,' woman style"

Allison on the obvious: "It's been brought to my attention that I might be a bit strange."