Celebrities Lend Talent to Tech

You know them from TV and movies, but now celebrities are increasingly lending their fame to the tech world.

A growing number of celebrities are investing their fame and cash into websites and apps. Kim Kardashian backs shopping site Shoedazzle, Ashton Kutcher invests in beauty site StyleSeat, and other celebs are getting in on the action too.

These days it isn't enough to just be a big movie or music star, so chart-topper Katy Perry is bringing her catchy tunes to the gaming world in The Sims 3: Showtime.

Katy said, "I started out playing in coffee shops an outside little venues, you can do that on the SIMS that's how you start".

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Online features allow you to chat with friends as the game challenges you to rise to stardom.

Now, if you want to become a big deal in real life, check out Forest Whitaker's project JuntoBox Films. The site uses social media to help it figure out which movies should be made.

"It's a total democratic process, And then at the end, unlike many other sites, we actually finance the film," said Whitaker.

JuntoBox already green-lit it's first project; "Passenger".

Whitaker said, "a film maker named Tony McGrath has been working on this site from its inception, and now the audience pushed him up to the top and we're doing his movie".

You know Michael Winslow as the man of many sounds! Now he's lending his voice to a 99 cent smartphone game called "Wizard Ops".

"This is the first video game that is all human sound effects, we've got ourselves a little wizard who goes through time dimensions and space," explained Winslow.

Staying connected to loved ones is important and being on the road inspired Disney sweetheart Selena Gomez to back the app "Postcard on the Run".

"She's on tour, on movie sets, on TV sets all the time, and this was a great way for her personally to stay in touch with people that mean somethign to her," said Josh Brooks, founder of "Postcard".

The app lets you send real postcards from your phone, complete with your signature and an optional scratch and sniff sticker so your friends can get a whiff of where you are.

Justin Timberlake recently bought a stake in MySpace, so we'll see if his starpower can turn that site around.


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