CTIA Wireless Show 2012

The latest in the wireless world is being shown off in New Orleans. Mobiel is a big business, int he US it's bigger than Agriculture, Aviation and Auto industries. Now, with next generation 4-G networks taking off there are even more opportunities for us to stay connected.

In a town known for food, tradition and history, CTIA in New Orleans is all about what's new and next in wireless.

Gary Kovacs CEO of Mozilla and one of the shows keynote speakers said, "Its a great gathering place to showcase innovation and frankly to just meet each other".

A big trend this year, waterproof gadgets. HzO treated an iPhone with a coating they call waterblock.

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"I can actually stick this underwater, the water is going insidethe phone but it's drainingout the bottom," explains Ryan Moore of HzO.

But right out of the box, Kyocera's Hydro can spend up to a half an hour fully submerged.

John Chier from Kyocera says, "Over 82 and a half million phones have been destroyed by water or moisture so there's a real need for this technology".

Another trend we're seeing, devices that are half way between a phone and tablet. I personally think they're too big, but people that have them, seem to love them.

The screen on the LG Optimus VU is 5 inches. "Folks that are reading books, magazines, newspapers, its a familiar format for them, and very comfortable for viewing, you can write over any page," said Brian Scollo of LG.

Now, you probably havent heard of plum, they're big in South America, but they're launching their first tablet here in the United States. It's a solid Android device for about 200 dollars, and you guessed it, there's a phone built in too.

Plum will also introduce unlocked phones starting at just 25 dollars, at that price, talk is cheap!

At the other end of the spectrum we find Samsung's new flagship device, the Galaxy S III.

The super light phone is thin, fast, powerful and has a large bright screen. It's loaded with neat tricks. Place your hand over a video to pause it or say cheese to the camera and it takes a picture.

Plus they have their own version of SIRI called S-Voice, we tested her alarm setting skills, someting Androids have a tough time with but she passed with flying colors.

The latest phones are always great but there's a lot more to this industry. Expect to see a lot of growth in mobile banking, health and education as well.