Golf Gadgets Improve Your Game

Golfing dads are always looking for new ways to improve their golf game. While not much has changed about the basics of golf, these tech gadgets might just improve your chances of a good score.

You'll often find father and son Deon and K'yahn Martin together on the green.

"I used to put him in his stroller, and sit him behind me while I hit balls," said Deon, "I bought his first clubs set when he was about one and half years old".

We gave the duo a few of the latest gadgets that promise a more fulfilling round.

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Like the $90 SensoGlove. Built in sensors warn you if your grip is too tight; and even pinpoints which fingers to loosen up!

Motorola's $300 MotoActv Golf might be better than a caddy. It's GPS gives you real time distance info on over 20,000 courses. It clips to your belt or wrist to help you keep score and even works with Android phones to let you see incoming calls and texts. You can even use it to compare your swing to the pros.

Select Sony Handycams have a built in feature called Golf Shot. Recordings are sound activated and the action is presented as twenty two individual images so you can analyze your movements.

Here's a good place to keep your gadget, Bracketron's Golf Bag GPS mount clips to the top of your bag for easy access.

Deon said 'my favorite part of golfing with my son is just the bonding, between the two of us, through 18 holes, walking and talking, its great".