Personalize Your Gadgets

We take tons of pictures using our smartphones but what good are they if no one sees them. Posting them to social networks is one way to share them, but why not make a statement with something  bit more tangible.

Once our pictures are posted on Instagram and Facebook, that's about it. But now companies like Ivoke Mobile are taking photos from your phone and putting them on it.

"We're just giving them a tool to express themselves," says Garry Green of Ivoke, "it's the combination of the fact that there's so many images now on phones. With a natural desire for consumers to express the world around them and share it".

With the hep of apps like Pic Shells and Color Splurge, you can create a case that has you all over it.

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Green explains, "We actually work with existing apps that are out there and we provide them the software to enable their consumers to create the products".

In just a few days your gadget can go from boring, to brilliant.

"You want to shout out who you are and this is the way to do it," expressed Lewis Chang from Skinit.

You know Skinit from their custom peel and stick skins that don't add much bulk to your gadget. Now the company is introducing somethign new - the Infinity case.

Chang says, "The Infinity case has infinite options. You can take switch plates and switch them out with thousands of designs. Infinite designs, one everyday if you wanted to".

From Android to iPad, you can make a custom skin or case for almost any device.

"We have support for over five thousand devices for everything from laptops, to gaming systems, phones, down to medical supplies. So we personalize everything," says Chang.

But if you hate to wait, Crayola Case Creator can transform your iPhone in minutes. It uses the ink-jet you already have to print out a picture on a special card. Pop it into the clear case and suddenly, your phone is personal.

Good thing the kit comes with 25 cards because it could take you a few tries before you get it right.

Finally here's a great way to bring those Instagram effects to life. Casetagram makes personalized cases for your iPhone or iPad from the pictures you've uploaded to the site.

Pick a few of your favorites and your phone has never looked so hip.

These personalized cases run anywhere from $25 to $40 and many companys let you put those pictures and all kinds of stuff, from t-shirts to mugs.