Rich Answers Your Tech Questions

From the latest apps on iPhone and Android to choosing a new TV, if you have questions, tech wiz Rich DeMuro is here to answer them.

Rich hit the streets to answer all your buring technology questions, and the first one comes from Robert.

Robert asks, "I was wondering what my average life cycle is on my MacBook. I've had it about a year and a half and it looks like it may die soon, can you tell me what the average life cycle is on that?"

Good question Robert. The lifespan of a laptop is limited by two things - how long it keeps working, and how long you can deal with how slow its getting. You can try upgrading the RAM to speed it up, but generally, I'd say 3 to 4 years tops before you'll need a new one.

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Next up, Carlos says, "I want to get rid of my BlackBerry, I can't, I hate it. I wanted to see if i could get a new phone. What phone can you recommend for me being Canadian?".

I'd recommend a phone that runs on a GSM network, especially if you're travelling back and forth. That way it's easyto swap SIM cards and get the best deal. Check with your carrier to make sure your phone is unlocked.

Joanna asks, "Hey Rich, I'm buying a TV and I'm a big confused on what to buy, should i get an LCD, LED or a Plasma?".

HDTV shopping is confusing Joanna, so many buzzwords! Technology has advanced to a point where it's tough to tell most screens apart unless you're an expert.

Plasmas are the original big screen, power hungry but look good no matter where you sit. LCD's consume less energy but the contrast isn't as good.

LED's are super bright an kind of the best of both worlds, but they are more expensive. So find the best screen at the best price and go for it.

Finally Cameron asks, "I wanted to know what you thought of the recent facebook acquisition of Instagram and how, they'll be able to create some synergies".

Instagram really became its own social network, so Facebook had a choice, either create its own photo sharing app or gobble up the competition. Of course, they did the latter. What does it mean for you? Basically profile pictures are going to start looking a lot better.

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