New Ways To Clean Your Gadgets

Gadgets get grimey. We’ve all heard the reports that our gadgets and keyboards are dirtier than a public restroom. Here are a few ways to keep them clean, and whether it can affect your health.

Between the fingerprints, the grime and the smudges, our phones can start to feel like a germ-filled petri dish. These cleaners can bring back that shiny screen as well as peace of mind.

It’s easy to see how gadgets get so grimey. Our hands go from doors to dialing, then the phone sits on your face right by our mouth.

“There are eighteen times more germs on your phone than a public toilet flush, and it’s a big problem,” said Mike Cohen.

That’s why he created iWipey, an antibacterial screen cleaner. Wipe the front, stick it on the back.

Cohen said, “When the germs hit the Cliniweave technology, it kills it. It only lasts eight to ten weeks, but it’s a safeguard.”

For a more heavy duty cleansing, pop your gadget into the Vio-light UV cellphone sanitizer. It kills strep, E-coli, salmonella, listeria and other bacteria in under five minutes.

Up next, the iSlip Tuff stores right on the cover of your tablet.

“You go ahead and pull it off and use the exposed microfiber side of your iSlip Tuff like a windshield wiper to clean the fingerprints, grease, grime and grudge from your screen,” said Christopher Cooper.

Normally, it’s not a good idea to spritz your gadgets with spray, but Qmadix says their dry foam is safe. The special microfiber cloth gets rid of germs and smudges to bring back that showroom shine.

Dr. Peter Katona, Professor of Clinical Medicine at UCLA says, “You know to clean our phones, to wipe our phones, to put foam on our phones. We don’t know if that actually makes a difference.”

Still, as long as you don’t damage your gadgets, it can’t hurt to keep them clean. So if it makes you feel better, go for it!

“I think a bigger difference comes from hand washing, it comes from how much we actually stick our hand in front of our lips and touch your mouth,” explains Katona.

It’s never a good idea to clean your gadgets with household cleaners. But it is smart to carry a microfiber cloth with you at all times. Some are antibacterial and make it very quick and easy to clean your gadgets screen.

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