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Best Smartphone Apps for Wedding Planning

Staff Writer

A successful wedding is as close as you smartphone.

Here are some helpful phone apps and web sites:

CameraPlus ($1 at iTunes) and NightCamera (free) help you take awesome photos with your smartphone by boosting capabilities.

Wedding Scan ($3 at iTunes) will put all your gift suggestions on

WeddingHappy (free, but also has $3 in-app upgrades) does it all. No, does everything as long as you have an iPhone.

Wedding Budget (free at iTunes) helps you keep track of costs and if you turn your phone horizontally...Bam! get a pie chart. (free; premium is $5 a month) is great for keeping track of everything as a sort of digital home, not to mention updating your friends and family. Also check out Awesome Note ($4 on iTunes; lite version is free) and Groups (free on iTunes).,, and Appy Couple (free on iTunes) are all helpful keeping track of RSVP’s for large weddings.

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