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Calvin Klein underwear model from Super Bowl comes to Miami

Staff Writer

There is no use in denying that you salivated just a little over hunka-hunka-burning-love Matthew Terry in the Calvin Klein commerical during this year's Super Bowl.

C' know you did.

Well get ready to drool again girl cuz Terry is coming to SoFlo. The mucho macho male model will make a personal appearance at Macy's in Dadeland Mall Friday, April 12 starting at 6 p.m.

He's in town introducing Calvin Klein's new cologne Dark Obsession For Men.

Here's a little more about the ab-fab dapper dude in a email Q&A:

ROD - Obsession as a brand is more from my generation (ahem…be kind), so do you have any personal memories with the product?

MATTHEW  - "Obsession was the first fragrance that I received as a gift. It was from my mom, so I started wearing Calvin Klein fragrances at an early age."

ROD - If you were describing the scent Dark Obsession For Men to a friend, what would you say?

MATTHEW - "I describe the scent as relaxing, mellow and inviting. It's also very sexy."
ROD - Do you think the Calvin Klein commercial shown during the Super Bowl broadcast signaled some sort of cultural shift? And if so, what do you think that shift was?

MATTHEW - "For sure, it was a sign that it's time to get back into the gym...just kidding. I think the commercial was extremely sexy and a bit risqué. I believe it signaled the idea that men can be sexy too.

ROD - We all heard and read the reaction to the Super Bowl commercial in the wrap-ups Monday morning, but I was wondering what the reaction was like for you personally? How did your family and friends react? Any interesting anecdotes following the broadcast?

MATTHEW - "My jaw dropped when it aired. I was absolutely speechless. My family was super excited! My mom screamed when it aired. I was up all night and my friends kept calling and texting me about it. It was pretty surreal."
ROD - How do you stay in shape? What is your workout routine (I hear it’s all about planks)?

MATTHEW - "When preparing for a job, I do about an hour and a half of full-body circuit training.  I don't use any heavy weights, just medium to light weights in high repetition. I also do a combination of planks and core workouts, which go hand-in-hand."
ROD - What is your diet like? Is it the same all the time or does it change before a big photo/video shoot?

MATTHEW - "I try to keep my diet consistent, whether I am working or not. I like to feel fit and stay healthy. If I have a big job coming up, I cut out all sweets and snacks. I keep it to three meals per day. I eat lots of fish, because it's a great lean protein and drink tons of water. I cut out all protein supplements and stick with the pure proteins."

ROD - I hear that your mother sent in your photograph for a modeling contest – is that true? How did your modeling career proceed after that?

MATTHEW - "Yes, my mom got involved. We had discussed entering the VMAN/Ford Model Search and so I was planning on it, and then, without my knowledge, my mom jumped the gun and submitted my pictures. After that, Ford contacted me and the rest is history.
ROD - What was your job before modeling?

MATTHEW "I did many odd jobs, including construction work and a stint in the dairy section at the local grocery store."

ROD - Was there a learning curve for how to model? Who taught you how to find your best lighting and learn your angles?

MATTHEW - "Yes, my first shoot was a real learning experience. I figured out a lot about the lighting and angles that work best for me, and about facial expressions – what looks and feels natural. My agency, Ford Models, also helped and my agent gave me advice and pointers on what to work on."
ROD - Have you been to South Florida before? If so, what were your favorite places to go. If not, what is on your to-do list while here?

MATTHEW - "Yes, I was recently in South Beach. I was on my own, which was a really cool experience. I don’t have any specific favorite places – it was the general atmosphere and environment that I really enjoyed."
ROD - You’re from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, right? Where is home now?

MATTHEW - "I split my time between Southern New Jersey and New York City."
ROD - Are you single? If so, what do you look for in a girlfriend?

MATTHEW - "I am taken. But when I was on the market, I was looking for someone who was very down-to-earth with a great personality, but also someone genuine, who had my best interests at heart. Someone sweet, loving, caring and trusting, but also a little goofy -- like me."


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