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Drag queens impersonate Cher for Poverello

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A Cher - of sorts - will entertain during the drag races at Lips in Oakland Park.

Yeah I know, that doesn't sound all that unusual for a supper club featuring female impersonators six nights a week...with a Sunday afternoon "Gospel" brunch.

But starting at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 16 the ladies of Lips will perform the best of the "Dark Lady" from the 1960s to today as a benefit for The Poverello Center.

The drag-a-licious party - titled the "Do You Believe in Love Tribute to Cher" - not only pre-celebrates Cher's birthday on May 20, but launches Poverello's 23rd Annual Bowling to Fight Hunger (August 3 at the Sawgrass Lanes in Tamarac).

In addition to the Las Vegas style female impersonator show and the full dinner menu, Lips' bar will serve up frozen cosmos (come dressed as Cher and you get one for free) and other specialty drinks.

A $10 show cover charge, plus a $15 food minimum and additional beverage costs apply. To reserve seats, call 954-567-0987.

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My bestie Joanie Cox-Henry interviewed Alexis Couture (aka Paul Leigh) to find out all the fabulous details behind the tribute. Miss Couture is sharing the stage with another Cher-clone Franchesque Richards and host Nicolette.

Here is Joanie's Q&A from the Forum Publishing Group's West Broward Take 2 section:

Do you have a favorite Cher look?

“Anything with straight hair. If I do the big ‘Turn Back Time’ hair, I lose the likeness to Cher’s face. The straight, long black hair really makes the Cher in my face come out more.”

What does it mean to you to be raising money for Poverello?

“It’s rather personal to me. With my health situation, I benefit from this. It’s my way of giving back.”

How long have you been doing drag shows?

“I’ve been doing drag since age 16 and now I’m 34.”

What made you want to perform as Cher?

“I was always aware of her fabulousness, but I didn’t realize I could look like her until around the year 2000. I really love the audience’s reaction to the likeness. When I get on stage, I hear the audience take a collective gasp because the likeness is so uncanny.”

Have you ever seen Cher live?

“I’ve been to her ‘Believe’ tour twice and her ‘Farewell’ tour twice. She’s amazing!”

What’s the secret to transforming into Cher for your performances?

“It takes me about an hour. There’s a lot of contouring. But we have similar features. We have the same shape to our eyes. I’ve had cheek and chin implants as well as my lips done to look more like her. I also have three lace front wigs I use to perform as Cher.”

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