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Brian Schiller has big plans for his one man show

Staff Writer

Deerfield Beach’s Brian Schiller has big plans for his one-man-show “Even Dr. Phil Can’t Fix This!”

“The show is standup comedy,” Schiller says. “But there’s also an advocacy element for people who suffer abuse or mental illness … It’s advocating them to get help. It [has] a little life-affirming quality to it.”

So after a long run at Undergrounds Coffeehaus  (“it’s like a little gem that not a lot of people know about”) in Fort Lauderdale and a two-nighter at Main Street Playhouse in Miami, Schiller plans to take the show to San Francisco.

“It’s the kind of town that really gets one-man shows,” he says. “They have venues like the Marsh and the Dark Room. I want to be in the big leagues, if you will.”

The hour-long show took him 16 months to write. He started “workshopping” it three months ago. “Even Dr. Phil Can’t Fix This!” deals with Schiller’s own sexual abuse, which he relates with … “I guess you could call it gallows humor if you want. I do it in a very self-deprecating way — the comedy that is. But I think I make a pretty persuasive case. So far, the reaction has been really wonderful.”

He admits the laughs come from a serious place.

“I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 29....I didn’t have a girlfriend until I was 35. I think that so many people don’t understand that when that happens to a person, they have that sort of baggage the rest of their lives.”

“Even Dr. Phil Can’t Fix This!” will play 8 p.m. Sunday , Nov. 24,  and run through Dec. 17 at Undergrounds Coffeehaus, 3020 N. Federal Highway, No. 5A, in Fort Lauderdale. Admission is $3. The show will also appear Dec. 7 and Dec. 14 at Main Street Playhouse, 6766 Main St., in Miami Lakes. Tickets cost $15 at For a complete schedule, go to

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