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How to get your man to dress more stylishly

Staff Writer

Are you looking for some sort of Jedi mind trick to get your guy to dress more stylishly?

The way to a man's sartorial heart is through his ego.

"I wasn't really sure if I had a good answer for you, so I went and asked some of my girlfriends," explains Fort Lauderdale's Jacqueline Brubaker, whose husband Jorge Saenz will be one of 10 honored at The Galleria's 6th Annual Men of Style Shopping Night" Nov. 28 at the Fort Lauderdale mall (for more inforrmation, go to "The consensus is that they use flattery. Tell them it makes them look sexier or slimmer. If not, then you go into bribery. You'll go to the office party with them, but they have to dress nice."

But she is quick to add: "None of the guys being honored are doing it for the fashion. They are doing it to help all the charities they work for. Saenz' pet project is the Fort Lauderdale Children's Theatre.

"It's something we deal with all the time," says Tom Maus Jr., of Maus & Hoffman stores in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Naples. "Gentle pressure - just get them to push the envelope a little bit. If you push and give the guy something that makes him look more exciting...he'll get more compliments and he'll be more reassured."

Here are the hot trends in guy garb to stir your man toward this fall/winter season:

Tapered Pants - "Skinny is too extreme," explains Brad Minto of The Archives store in Fort Lauderdale. "We're finding that guys go along with the slimmer cuts, but not as akinny and agressive as people wore last year. It's more of a tapered, regular fit."

Him Hues - "The more purple tones have been quite strong," says Guy La Ferrera of Guy La Ferrera Italian Clothing for Men in Boca Raton. "The lavenders, plums and lilacs - these softer version, more muted version of purple - in dress shirts and sports shorts have been very strong sellers. It's an alternative toa guy buying a new white shirt. He can buy more a mauve tone to accent a gray or navy suit." And Fort Lauderdale's Brad Minto of The Archives store adds, "Red coral is a big print color now. Royal blue has been big. You see a lot of it in spring, but it's endless summer down here."

Non-Performance Running Shoes - "Running shoes are really fashionable these days," says Brad Minto of The Archives store in Fort Lauderdale. "And non-performance running shoes have become popular of late. New Balance, Saucony, Asics in our market have been trending."

Patterned Suits - "Not every trend is for every guy," warns Matt Singer, men's fashion director for Neiman Marcus and SoFlo snowbird in Hollywood. "Baby steps. A patterned sport coat is a great baby step. Or maybe it starts with a check shirt before you work up to a tonal plaid patterned suit."

Double-Breasted Suits - "They're coming back," says Tom Maus Jr., of Maus & Hoffman. "Double-breasted showed up first on the runways - designers put them with shorts. Over the last 12 to 18 months we've done more double-breasted made-to-measure suits. I think it just might go with the times."

Classic Two-Button Suits - "It's really the evolution of the classic suit you see in 'Mad Men'," says Guy La Ferrera, of Boca Raton's Guy La Ferrera Italian Clothing for Men. "The fit tends to be trimmer, in the shoulder and with tighter armholes and shorter jacket lengths. It's appropriate for a younger, well-built individual. A majority of the designers are still doing a double vent and the trouser legs are skinnier, more narrow at the cuff. Mena re wearing the pants slightly shorter - either flat-fronts or very trim-fitting one-pleat trousers."

Colorful Pants & Shorts - "We have a lot of success with colored bottoms," says Neiman Marcus' Matt Singer while visiting the Boca Raton store. "Especially the spice tones like mustard; rich burgundies and forest green. You can find it in a trouser, a cord or a five-pocket jean."

Wax Denim - "They're denim jeans with a wax finish on it,' explains Brad Minto of The Archives store in Fort Lauderdale. "You have to see it and touch it to get it."

Vests - "In Florida they'd make great outerwear," says Neiman Marcus' Matt Singer at the Boca store. "You could wear a puffy or down vests on those few cold nights and they go great with a polo or a woven or a chambray shirt."

Camouflage and Aztec Prints - "Camou is still very big," says Brad Minto of Fort Lauderdale's The Archives. "Aztec prints too, especially in belts."

Plaid Shirts - "Every guy should own a couple," advises Matt Singer, the men's fashion director of Neiman Marcus while visiting the Boca store and family in Hollywood.

Accessories - "Everyone overlooks socks as an accessory, but now we can't keep them in stock," explains Brad Minto of The Archives store in Fort Lauderdale. "Sneakerheads used to wear low ankel socks. Now they want the sock to stand out and they don't want it to match the sneaker or anything else. That's the look. And five-panel hats are really trending...and snap-back hats are very, very popular. The [messenger] bag is simple on the outside but has a lot of fine deatils and a lot of hardware; it's more heavy-duty in the construction of the bag." Neiman's Matt Singer concludes with "Bracelets - we called the out last spring as a trend and it's only grown. David Yurman, John Hardy - they are making some great bracelets for men. And if you can rock a bunch of them, why not? I love to see a guy wearing a suit with a bunch of bracelets because it's so unexpected."



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