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Comedy Pig Tale makes relationship-phobia into faerie tale at Empire Stage

Staff Writer

Everything you need to know about “Pig Tale – An Urban Faerie Story” is kind of right there in the title.

The gay-riffic comedy is co-produced by Island City Stage and Empire Stage and performed at Fort Lauderdale’s Empire Stage through Feb. 2.

The story by Chris Weikel opens with a rather – forgive me – straight on portrayal of two men arriving from the bar in New York’s East Village for their regular hookup. Johnny (played just a hair too stiffly by Jobe Anderson) seems to just want sex before he jettisons Dave (Angel Perez in a rather soulful turn) from his apartment…as is apparently his modus trick-erandi.

A few exposition minutes later we have learned that Johnny is a love-em-leave-em-don’t-serve-em-breakfast type of guy. Despite wearing leather harness and shorts with a zipper in the back, Dave is nosing around for something more, relationship-wise.

So far, it’s all cute if a bit ho-hum with its dating phobias: commitment, cuddling, co-habitation. But later during a noisy sexcapade (behind a curtain for the blush-prone among you) Dave has a porcine transformation - literally.

Worse. Morning after. Ever.

Johnny enlists his stoner pal Kyle (O’Neil Delapenha who seems to be able to exist in two dimensions simultaneously) for some help. Which is not a bad idea since Kyle’s master degree dissertation was on comparative folklore and he recognizes this porker problem as “bad juju” caused by some sort of fairy tale curse from an evil…um…queen.

Enter drag queen Mama Truth (played by Larry Buzzeo, showing off his limber acting skills and quick-change artistry as two other characters as well). Mama had her feelings bruised by a brusque Johnny the night this little piggy went…oh hell, you know the rest.

There are script sidetracks that director Andy Rogow could have easily trimmed to make the evening more compact than its 90 minutes with no intermission and made “the moral of the story” a softer sell to boot.

But “Pig Tale” is plenty funny, even though you kind of wish it was even more flamboyant. The room crackles with hilarity as Mama Truth sashays around in a blur of polkadots, pearls, ruffles and fishnets. Granted a drag queen in full bloom is damn near impossible to upstage, but oh how you’ll wish that the rest of the show had a shot of that kind of whacked-out energy.

“Pig Tale – An Urban Faerie Story” runs Thursdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 5 p.m. Empire Stage is at 1140 N. Flagler Drive in Fort Lauderdale. Tickets are #30 and can be ordered at 954-678-1496 or

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