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Avicii checks in

Tim Bergling's latest music embraces twang more than electronica. Yet the Swedish DJ better known as Avicii, has topped the charts. His single "Wake Me Up!" ranked No. 1 and 2 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Songs Chart for 26 weeks. And lately, the twice-Grammy-nominated DJ has been collaborating with Madonna.

Avicii is a headliner at this weekend's Ultra Music Festival, playing Saturday night on the main stage at Bayfront Park in Miami.

Avicii recently answered some questions by email.

Usually, all we see from a DJ is a head bobbing on a tall stage. So what are you like on stage?

You'll definitely see me dancing behind the deck, it's hard not to. But I'm constantly working. I'm mixing songs, queuing up what I'm going to play next, and playing with effects. I'll do some planning beforehand, but it's not pre-programmed to where I'm forced to play things a certain way. I can still jump in and out of a set anytime I want. I'm in complete control the whole time.

How did you start as a DJ?

I started out 100 percent producer. DJ'ing was something I kind of held off on because my manager, Ash, wanted to make sure I was completely comfortable behind the decks. Luckily, I started off with pretty good gigs, almost right away. Then, once I started touring, I haven't stopped. But I love every minute.

How would you describe your style?

I consider my style as big-room melodic house. … But I also like to describe my style as boundless, meaning, that I don't like to restrict my sound/style. The possibilities are endless. … True, I drew a lot of influence from bluegrass. I just find something so cool and credible about it. It's always captured my attention when I've heard it, so when making the album, it played a huge role.

What is your approach to creating original music versus remixing?

Original is always more fun. I love the creative aspect. Remixes have their upsides, as well. They kind of made me from the start, so I respect what they can do, and if you're lucky, you'll get the fan base of the artist you are remixing.

For more information on Avicii's performances this week, go to and, @marianliu or 954-356-4429

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