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Jason Stuart and Jessica Kirson headline "Pride Comedy Night"

Even though "Pride Comedy Night" at Parker Playhouse Friday night is a sort of kick-off to PrideFest 2013 weekend and all things gay-rrific, straights will get the jokes too.

"I talk about all sort of issues," says headliner Jason Stuart. "Like getting older, which was the worse thing to ever happen to me. I talk about growing up with a Jewish mother. I called her up in Palm Springs to go see Streisand in 'The Guilt Trip.' She said, 'Was I that bad?' I told her, 'No, you were like a 100 times worse.' "

He also plans on riffing on dating, pop culture and his newest thing: politics. "Oh yes, politics. For example, I am obsessed with Michelle Obama and her bangs. It's completely out of control. Completely. Out. Of. Control. I'm afraid of her and so are her daughters. You know she just looks at them…and that look is nothing like Laura Bush and those two alcoholic Olsen twins she has for daughters."

Stuart is sharing the bill at Parker Playhouse with Jessica Kirson. "When she came out to do 'The Tonight Show' about a year ago we hung out at The Improv," adds Stuart.

"I don’t even remember that," Kirson says. "I've been so crazy busy."

She also adds that her act is hardly specifically targeted to a LGBT crowd: "My favorite kind of audience is a mixed kind of crowd. I just do what I do. Most people can relate to it."

Kirson has been to South Florida "…many, many times. My family was in Boca and Boynton Beach and Palm Beach. I have family all through South Florida, everywhere. I love South Florida. I love South Beach."

Stuart has frequently played the comedy club circuit here as well, although not recently. He's been too busy speaking at Fortune 500 companies and colleges ("I talk about being gay and lesbian in the workplace") as well as acting.

"The acting came first actually," he explains. "The stand-up came later. Did you go to IMDB[.com]? I've got 100 titles now. I just did a film written by James Franco called 'Holy Land.' I play a hoarder. It's the most creative project I've ever gotten to work on. I also just did a film this past summer with this really great cast: Adrian Grenier from 'Entourage,' Gaby Hoffman and Ben McKenzie from 'Southland.' "

Stuart also heads up the Screen Actors Guild National LGBT Actors Committee where "…we are doing the first survey of gay actors. We don't know what the info will be, which is interesting and scary. Maybe it will help the idea of bringing to the forefront openly gay actors. Creating more opportunities for LGBT actors, that's the most important thing for me and the second thing is awareness. We want to make people aware that it's OK to be gay, it's OK to be out, and you can have a thriving career."

"Pride Comedy Night" is at 8 p.m. on Friday, March 8 at Parker Playhouse, 707 N.E. 8th Street in Fort Lauderdale. Tickets are $31.50 and $51.50 (includes meeting the comedians). To order, call 954-462-0222 or visit For more information on PrideFest 2013, go to

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