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Toughest judge on "America's Next Top Model" loves Florida contestants

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There will be three girls from South Florida when "America's Next Top Model: Guys and Girls" premieres the new season at 8 p.m. this Friday, August 2 on SFL-TV.

Renee Bhagwandeen from Fort Lauderdale, Alex Agro from Boca Raton and Chlea Ramirez from Miami will all compete in cycle 20, the first to include male models.

So what is it about SoFlo models that do so well on the reailty TV competition?

"Well, I think that Fliorida girls, like L.A. girls live in a hot climate where there's an emphasis on skin," explains Kelly Cutrone, one of the judges on "Top Model" and a fashion publicist of renown through the firm she founded, People's Revolution.

"Their look is American carefree," she continues, "And there's still a sweetness to them. It's very much a Jan Brady meets Elle Macpherson look. They're carefree girls who are used to wearing less clothing than, say, a girl from South Dakota. That translates in the images; it just does."


But aside from the confort factor with their bodies, Cutrone - who has also appeared on "The Hills," "The City" "True Life" and "Kell On Earth" - says that there are differences as well between SoFlo and El Lay girls.

"A Florida girl will show up in a little tunic and some flipflops whereas a L.A. girl is in a much shorter pair of shorts. L.A. girls as a rule are more formulated and fully done. They have super white teeth, perfect breasts, hair fully blown out and [wear] some sort of designer everything and they have lots of accessories."

And for model-wannabees thinking of auditioning through SFL-TV for cycle 21 she has simple advice.

"Know you angles. Come dressed appropriately. If I had a dime for every offensive outfit..."

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