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Are the new Miami Dolphins uniforms a fashion hit or miss?

Staff Writer

Purely from a fashion point of view - and I fully acknowledge that designer runways are not the point here - the Miami Dolphins have picked the worst time imaginable to get rid of all that orange in their new uniforms.

You see, orange is red hot these days.

"I say that orange is the new neutral for this season," says Ken Downing, senior vice president and fashion director for Neiman Marcus in town for an event at the Galleria store. "Orange makes everything come alive."

That aside, the rest of the new look is spot on.

First they got rid of that circa-1997 navy, which has no connection to South Florida at all. We are all about "Agua aqua" and "Caribbean blue," not preppy navy.

And the updated dolphin pictured in the logo looks more natural and less...well...Looney Tune-y (what with the noble water mammal sporting a football helmet in its previous incarnation).

Not that that's a bad thing, it's just so firmly old schoolish, as if Sea World were a corporate sponsor or something.

The photos of the logo leaked last month and the images of the uniforms leaked Tuesday is a more minimalist take on the former style. The home uniform is white with aqua numbers trimmed in orange. The alternate jersey is aqua with white numbers, again trimmed in orange, over white pants striped down the flank in aqua.

But here is how this is really, REALLY all about fashion after all. Fashion is all about the new, the next. You better believe that gridiron fans are going to want those new jerseys as soon as they come off the catwalk...I mean come off of the delivery truck.

The uniforms will debut in a free event for fans starting at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 25 at Sun Life Stadium.

The models of the new look will be Cameron Wake and Ryan Tannehill while former footballers Jason Taylor, Dan Marino and Bob Griese will show uniforms from their respective time on the turf.




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