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What do you think of Dwyane Wade's post-game look?

Staff Writer

I think it's some sort of conspiracy.

First, LeBron James wears that fugly sweater to the postgame press conference last month (so hideous that even normally G-rated sweater swagman Bill Cosby might exclaim, "WTF dude?").

Then, last night Dwyane Wade threw on a Versace floral-print jacket from the Spring 2013 collection that set the blogosphere on fire (so hideous it could make a maggot throw up).

It's got to be a conspiracy, right?

Maybe the idea is to so bedazzle the sports writers' deeply repressed sense of style, bringing it to the frontal lobes of their brains and thereby moving all the hard questions to the...oh I don't know...the medulla oblongata or something.

It can't be the haute hoopster's themselves, for they are big ballers in the fashion arena too:

CLICK HERE to check out my interview last year with King James' and Posh Bosh's wardrobe stylist.

CLICK HERE to check out my interview last year with Dwyane Wade's wardrobe stylist.

Judging from all the hoopla (I rarely see any of the Sun Sentinel sports team in the newsroom, but today my desk looks like happy hour at Bokamper's), the conspiracy is working.

So what do you think? Take the poll above and tell us if Wade's is a fashion hit or It's like camouflage for the colorblind.



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