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Honey, I Shrunk the Bridal Gown

Staff Writer

Lyn Clark is plenty busy but she's made time for a sideline business.

The Deerfield Beach mother of two has her daughter’s wedding in the U.K. (Cornwall, no less) later this year, and her demanding career as marketing manager at Broward Health North.

But her daughter’s nuptials led to her to start Lyn Clark Designs, through which she re-purposes fabric from an heirloom wedding gown and turns it into what she calls a “Wedding Dress Story Box” — basically a miniature of the wedding gown.

“I put them in a shadow box so it makes a nice wall art piece,” Clark said. “And I can add photographs, gloves, make a whole little vignette of your wedding. Or you can use it as a christening gown.”

As an avid crafter, Clark got the idea when her daughter wanted a vintage bridal dress made from real vintage lace. One of her co-workers suggested using her mother’s gown that was “…just hanging in the closet, all yellowed and wrinkled,” Clark said. “That’s what most people do with their old wedding gowns, they pay hundreds of dollars to preserve it and then they put it under the bed because it never fits anywhere else.”

Wanting to thank her co-worker for allowing her to use the vintage lace, Clark made her mother a miniature gown so that she could have a memento.

“When she gave me the dress, she was so nonchalant, no emotion, nothing. I just couldn’t cut it up in good conscience and not do something for her in return,” she said. “When I gave it to her, she literally couldn’t stop crying.”

Prices vary due to complexity of design and start between $300 to $500, which includes custom-made framed reproduction and an heirloom garter. For more information, go to or email

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