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Sisters in elementary school start lip gloss line to fight Sickle Cell

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Both of the Frazier sisters say they have loved makeup their whole lives.

Kanay is 11 and Kamya is 9, although she is quick to add, "I'm almost 10. I will be on May 11."

The two Welleby Elementary students will launch their Gossip Lip Gloss line Friday, May 3 at 84 West Studios, 11850 State Road 84 in Davie from 7 to 10 p.m.

Talk has it the two have even landed celebs for the party: Pembroke Pines' Joselyn Rivera from "The Voice" and Baltimore Ravens safety Christian Thompson from Fort Lauderdale.

Why call it Gossip? Marketing savvy, of course.

"Because me and my sister, we were thinking that all the other kids would have different colors on and we would have on never before seen colors and they would be talking about us," says Kanay.

The free-and-open-to-the-public event is a fundraiser for the Sickle Cell Foundation, a disease Kamya is living with. The Lip Gloss costs $5 and Build-a-Bear Workshop is creating a special Gossip Lip Gloss model for $15, with a portion of proceeds from both items benefiting the foundation.

"I come home and see them on YouTube looking at makeup videos," explains their mother Toni Taylor-Frazier, an event designer. "Then they kept asking their dad [Lorenzo Frazier, who works with Titan American] to buy them some petroleum jelly and eye shadow to mix up their own lip gloss."

So mom guided their natural exuberance toward creating their own business which could support Sickle Cell research and education through sales, suggesting that the girls keep it organic sicne the family has such a vested interest in health. But the rest was all Kamya and Kanay.

"I let the girls pretty much do all of that," says Taylor-Frazier from the family's home in Sunrise. "All aspects, from the supply and demand to product consistency to all those different things. They did testing to see if you left it in the car would it melt. Or how much beeswax can go into it to keep it stable. We did a lot of testing right here at home."

Kamya says she's just excited about the launch, adding that she thinks her favorite part will be, "...where we are doing all we can to help the Sickle Cell Foundation a lot."

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