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Stars of Slow Burn Theatre's "Wedding Singers" share their nuptial nightmares

Staff Writer

When Slow Burn Theatre stages “The Wedding Singer” over the next two weekends in Boca Raton, the cast will really know their stuff.

That’s because some of them have actual wedding-singer experience. Following are some of their anecdotes.

Clay Cartland

Age: 26

Home: Hollywood

Character: Robbie Hart

Story: “It was for my cousin’s wedding about five years ago. He heard I was a music-theater performer, so he asked me to sing. He had a band there already, but there was this karaoke track, and he said, ‘Why don’t we have you sing one song. Well, my mother was having a very good time at the open bar. She started saying, ‘I want to sing with my son. I want to sing with my boy.’ So she goes to the karaoke machine, and the song she picked for us to sing was ‘Afternoon Delight.’ I was singing, ‘Afternoon Delight’ with my mom. It was the most-awkward moment in the entire reception.”

Courtney Poston

Age: 25

Home: Boynton Beach

Character: Julia Sullivan

Story: “I sang at my sister’s wedding when I was, oh, I think I was 18. I was there to sing to a backup track in the rehearsal hall while my sister and her husband had their first dance. The song was ‘At Last.’ So I went to practice with a boom box in this room, which was behind the kitchen. So I come out, and my mom comes up and says, ‘Courtney, we could hear you rehearsing.’ I was back there warming up and singing the song out loud and everyone was totally listening. So as I’m singing it, I was thinking, ‘Everyone already heard this so why am I doing it again?’ It was pretty ghetto. I had this little microphone and a [amplifier] on a chair. I sang one other time, for a friend’s wedding. It was, well, as the bridal party walked down the aisle, they had me sing ‘Tale As Old As Time.” I thought it was strange that they thought of the bride and groom as ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ “

Nicole Piro

Age: 31

Home: Lauderhill

Character: Linda

Story: “One of my uncles used to have a band … and I used to sometimes sing with the band. At one point, he was hired to do a wedding in a nudist colony. All of his friends and my friends and our family wanted to help loading and unloading the equipment because they were expecting everyone to be naked. Well, when we got there everyone was in their ball gowns. All these people who came along to help as [roadies] thought they were going to see all these people naked, and here they were in fancy dress. But after the first set, they started ripping their clothes off. You try to be respectful, but you can’t help but giggle and turn beet-red, because there’s a pair of boobies dangling right in front of you.”

Kaitlyn O’Neill

Age: 26

Home: Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale

Character: Angie and ensemble

Story: “I was paid to sing at a wedding for a friend of a cousin in South Carolina. This was about two years ago. Over the weekend, it had really rained a lot. And we were all in this tent, but it was outside. The bride comes in, and we’re on these little platforms, and I started to sing. And the platforms started to sink into the mud. I remember it was this country song called ‘Feels Like Home.’ Dolly Parton was singing background on it. I was even yodeling a little bit. I was yodeling and singing and listing to the left as the band started to sink. And then, at the reception, all these men had bottles of vodka under their tables on one side of the room. One side was having a great time, and the other side wasn’t. I could see the whole thing while I was singing. In mid-conversation, they would go underneath the table and take a drink like no one would notice.”


The Wedding Singer

When: 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday and June 28-29; 2 p.m. matinees Sunday and June 30

Where: West Boca Performing Arts Theater on the campus of West Boca Raton High School, 12811 W. Glades Road

Cost: $35; seniors $30 and students $20

Contact: 866-811-4111 or

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