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THOOMP! The top 10 moments of onomatopoeia in Tom Wolfe's 'Back to Blood'

The legendary journalist's new, South Florida-set novel is riddled with his trademark literary device. Following are the most oomph-worthy moments in "Back to Blood."

1. "Magadalena rolled her eyes up into her cranium, extended her neck, leaned her head back, stiffened both arms straight down past her hips, and made an unngghhhhummmmmmmm sound in her throat."

2. "The giant can't stand the pain ... Unnnnggggghhhheeeee! ... Unnnnnngggggghhhhhheeeeeee!"

3. "The voices suddenly sank to a barely audible aububblyblumbling mumble mumble mumble and single wumble wonk wonk wonk wonk of laughter and more mumblemumblemumblemumble, and Amelia appeared in the doorway in her T-shirt, jeans, and ballet slippers with her head titled to one side and her lips twisted upward on the other side, until they practically closed her eye … "

4. "Sounds of a scuffle THOOMP! THOP! EGGGGHUH!"

5. "She smiled suggestively as she BEAT thung THRUST thung HUMP thung SHIMMY thung PUMP IT thung and otherwise swung around the pole."

6. "messh ... cinnghh ... neetz ... guhn arrrgh ... muhfughh ... noonmp ... boggghh ... frimp ... ssslooosh ... gessssuh ... hujuh ... neench ... arrgh ... eeeeeooomp."

7. "The cheering from the tethered boats rose up in a primal scream not from the heart but from the groin, feral whoooops, woo-woo-wooooos, hoot hoot hooooots, arrrrghs, ah haaahhs, arrrghhHHHock hock hock — that last rut rut roar unmistakably Norman's …"

8. "Their phones were ringing in a dysphony of 'Hips Don't Lie,' 'On the Floor,' 'Wild Ones,' Rihanna, Madonna, Shakira, Flo Rida, recorded laughing jags, whistled Brazilian salsas, all of them riddled by the abrupt beep beep beeps and alert alert alerts of incoming TEXTS thung TEXTS thung BEAT thung HUMP thung THRUST thung BEAT thung DANCING thung AGAIN thung the DECK thung DECK thung INFLAMED thung LUST thung LUST WHOOP WHOOP! WOO-WOO!"

9. "SMACK the Safe Boat bounces airborne comes down again SMACK on another swell in the bay bounces up again comes down SMACK on another swell and SMACK bounces airborne with emergency horns police Crazy Lights exploding SMACK in a demented sequence on the roof SMACK but Officer Nestor Camacho's fellow SMACK cops here in the cockpit the two fat SMACK americanos they love this stuff love it love driving the boat SMACK throttle wide open forty-five miles an hour against the wind SMACK bouncing bouncing its shallow aluminum hull SMACK from swell SMACK to swell SMACK to swell SMACK toward the mouth of Biscayne Bay to "see about the man on top of the mast" SMACK "up near the Rickenbacker Causeway."

10. "Hock hock hock hock hock hock ahhhHHH Hock hock hock hock."

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