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Ultra Survival Guide

When Ultra Music Festival begins on March 28, it will attract thousands of people from across the country and top deejays from around the world to Miami. But with the fun also come problems like dirty portable toilets and next-day fatigue. Two Miami ravers, 24-year-olds Amanda Alonso and Kristy Andres, experienced those problems firsthand. Last June, they created Instagram and Twitter accounts called "FestivalProbz," where they document and make fun of the problems with funny memes and tweets. Now they want to solve some of these problems with a FestivalSolutionz Kit. They're selling it for $30 online and will have it at iHeartRaves and EmazingLights store, which will open on March 26 for five days two blocks away from Ultra at 174 East Flagler St. -- By Barbara Corbellini Duarte
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