"Mission Makeover" open casting call

Former "Mission Makeover" ladies with series host Julie Moran. (July 2, 2013)

Does your whole dang life need a makeover?

Gurlllll, I know how you feel. I really do.

Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity that you do with the open casting call for season 3 of the Lifetime Network series "Mission Makeover" going on throughout the month of July here in South Florida.

All you got to do is go to TheBalancingAct.com/mission and sign up.

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The 13-week series follows 8 women as they transform their lives in health, wellness and fitness.

The show's producers will continue the selection process with on-site interviews and auditions through August 30 at O2 Production Studios in Deerfield Beach. The starts production mid-September and will be show at O2 Studios and field locations around SoFlo.