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Michael Phillips

Seven things to know about actress Kim Novak and ‘Vertigo’

Seven things to know about actress Kim Novak and ‘Vertigo’

The entwined reputations of Kim Novak and “Vertigo” have risen dramatically in the eyes of the worldwide critical establishment over the last 60 years. The most recent Sight & Sound poll placed Alfred Hitchcock’s confounding, preposterous, rhapsodic mystery at the top of cinema history, displacing “Citizen Kane” as No. 1. New generations of fans, especially those drawn to late-studio era Hollywood mythmaking and stories of obsession, have discovered both Hitchcock’s 1958 film, a box office disappointment in its initial release, and its female lead anew.

Factor in the enthralling musical score by Hitchcock’s frequent collaborator, Bernard Herrmann, and you have a confluence of...