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Book review: 'Saboteur' delivers thrilling WWII-era plot

Book review: 'Saboteur' delivers thrilling WWII-era plot

‘The Saboteur’ By Andrew Gross. Minotaur, 416 pages, $26.99

In “The Saboteur,” Andrew Gross returns to WWII for a thrilling story about members of the Norwegian resistance who undertake a near impossible mission to stop a Nazi plan to build an atomic bomb. To do this, they have to sabotage the heavy water production at a remote Norwegian factory. Gross, who started his writing career as one of James Patterson’s co-authors before switching to his own high-concept thrillers, has found a niche in historical fiction set in WWII. Gross showed his affinity for this era in his gripping 2016 novel “The One Man” set during the Holocaust, and keeps those high standards in...