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May 20 is 'Donk Day' in Wynwood

May 20 is 'Donk Day' in Wynwood

You see them on the road, those 1970s classic, customized Chevrolets with the big rims.

Now there’s an event dedicated to the cars known as “donks.”

The third annual Donk Day 2017 will be from 2 to 10 p.m. May 20 at the Mana Wynwood event venue in Miami’s Wynwood arts district. People can come and marvel at the rows of donks, or they can bring their own.

“They are so popular because Miami is the birthplace of the donk,” said event organizer and car enthusiast Harry Similien. The North Miami resident runs a website called, which features photos, videos, shirts and calendars about the cars.

Donks are defined as customized Chevy Impalas and...