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Hurricane Charley (2004)

The A-to-Z guide to Hurricane Matthew

The A-to-Z guide to Hurricane Matthew

OK, this is really happening. It’s not a drill. Hurricane Matthew is at our doorstep. And I’m dropping my critic’s fork and going back into the world of hard news again for the storm’s duration.

So what to do? I’ve lived in South Florida since 1989, been through Andrew and Wilma, and my advice is to greet Mother Nature’s awesome fury with respect and humor. Keep your wits about you, and don’t do anything stupid, such as windsurf or hunt for Pokemon during the storm.

Hopefully, if Matthew stays well off the coast and grazes us, we’ll laugh and yell at the frenzied media and forecasters for scaring us with a CYA Cone of Concern. But I’m also spooked by the memory of what...