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Anti-gun-violence musical 'Trigger' comes to Miami

Anti-gun-violence musical 'Trigger' comes to Miami

Eight students stand in a semicircle onstage, each portraying a character affected by gun violence.

Evelyn Ros, 24, approaches a microphone near the stage apron, her expression solemn, her figure framed by a dozen light bulbs suspended on strings, and the Cuban-born Miami Dade College student sings in Spanish. After finishing her two-minute solo “1,000 Reasons To Love,” a haunting melody Ros wrote about love overwhelming hatred, choreographer Ni’ja Whitson barks the next stage direction from the floor.

“Search for your reason to love!” Whitson shouts. “Find your reason in the air behind you. Grasp the air. Feel the light!”

Ros and company pace the stage in slow motion,...