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Brendan Gleeson

How 'Paddington 2' warmed America's cold, cold heart

How 'Paddington 2' warmed America's cold, cold heart

You know how many children were seated in my row at a Friday showing of "Paddington 2"? Not one. Sure, there were some kids up front and a few behind me who let out guffaws at choice moments. But readers, this was a theater primarily filled with adults who had reserved plush armchairs to see a movie about a bear who wears a parka and loves marmalade.

Maybe I shouldn't have been so surprised. The critical juggernaut, a sequel to 2014's "Paddington," surpassed fellow darling "Lady Bird" last week to become the best-reviewed movie ever on Rotten Tomatoes. It's become somewhat of a meme on Twitter, and IndieWire critic David Ehrlich went so far as to rate...